The Atrium Mysteries

The Atrium Mysteries are a safe series of Christian adventure stories aimed at the preteen age group.  Following the adventures of home-schooled Brett and his sister Alexis as they solve mysteries and learn life lessons.  Something like a modern-day version of The Sugar Creek Gang by Paul Hutchens.

Book 1 – Shadow Trail

When 12-year-old Brett and his friends stumble across a lonely camper in the marsh, they find a mysterious man and his daughter. (160 pages, © 2007)

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Book 2 – Once in a Blue Coon

The Alpine Inn has been robbed, and over $7000 has just vanished. And now they’re saying that Shinella’s father did it! But his friends in the Shadow of the Cross gang know he’s not at fault. They even have proof . . . well, they had to go and mess that up. How are they going to clear him now? Will Andy’s camera, some quick thinking, and an unlikely alliance with a very weird zookeeper be enough to get Nichols out of jail? (176 pages, © 2008)

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