Career Misfits Romantic Comedy Series

The Career Misfits Romantic Comedy Series will appeal to fans of Sophie Kinsella who enjoy the humor and silliness but would prefer it without the steam.

Book 1 – Do As I Say

She wants a knight in shining armor. What she gets is a deadline.  Justine’s old boss will not be giving her another advance to pay the rent. It’s not that he chose to quit enabling her, it’s that he woke up kind of dead. And now his stiff grandson has taken over The Ether Gazette! (242 pages, © 2019)

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Book 2 – Not As I Do

Juliet doesn’t trust words. Can love get her number? Juliet has marriage and divorce down to ones and zeroes. It’s all in her spreadsheet: expensive chairs at the wedding means trouble five years down the road; drop too much on flowers and you’re done in three. No matter what people say, numbers never lie. She’s happy running the accounting side of her mother’s wedding planner business, tucked away in the Florida Keys. It gives her all the data she needs to remind herself that she and her ex Fabio never would have worked out anyway.

So how will the numbers pencil out when her mother can’t make it for Fabio’s wedding, and Juliet must run the show? What about this handsome new variable in the shape of Cyril? After all, if you can’t trust Fabio, you certainly can’t trust his friends, can you? (200 pages, © 2019)

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