Michael Avena Romance

The Michael Avena Second Chance Romance Series is for fans of Nicholas Sparks type romances with happy endings.

Book 1 – Burnt Sienna (a novel)

Sienna can’t stay, Estéban won’t leave. Can love come at the wrong time? Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. Sienna is an American drop-in barely scraping by on a Caribbean island everyone else calls paradise. But then, she gets a chance to escape. Will she seize this opportunity to get her life and career back on track? Or will a meeting with a handsome stranger turn into yet another detour? (206 pages, Kindle and paperback)

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The Perfect novelette series

The Perfect series is a group of short, squeaky clean romance stories that are perfect for a hit of romance between flights or errands.

A Perfect Ten: A novelette

It’s her tenth anniversary. Has love missed the flight?

Kim was hoping to rekindle things with Aiden on their tenth wedding anniversary. But now she’s stuck working her flight attendant job. She’ll be a whole continent away, managing the red-eye shift. To make it worse, Aiden is so busy trying to save his tech company, it’s almost as though he barely notices. Will her 10th anniversary be a mere afterthought?

A Perfect 10 is a quick read novelette. It’s written for a short hit of romance between flights or errands. It is easy to read in less than 2 hours. If you love squeaky clean second-chance marriage romance with a happily ever after, A Perfect 10 is for you. (56 pages, Kindle)

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