Editorial Team

Harvey Flea – Editor in Chief

Harvey Flea is a multi-talented, peripatetic world traveler who is chronically late with his assignments.  He is also a mosquito. He doesn’t answer e-mails because he forgets to check.

Elise Loyacano Perl – Chief Editor

Elise brings years of experience both as an author and copy editor to her role at Harvey Flea Publishing House, Ltd.  She is also the author of our St. Quiche series. Reach her at elise@harveyflea.com

Dalan Decker – Editor

Dalan Decker is in charge of tech issues at Harvey Flea, interior and graphic design, and proofing.  Reach him at dalan@harveyflea.com

Michael Avena – Promotions

For media inquiries, bulk orders, or other issues, please reach out to Michael at michael@harveyflea.com